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"Are school garbs helping or upsetting?

"Are school garbs helping or upsetting?

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It is becoming our utmost necessitate to think about the dress code of our educational institute. Is it a quest for all of us to know what more is satisfying? A uniform or a civil dress? The debate will keep its strength but we need to see what social impacts it is offering to our youngsters.



Uniforms are the best source to prevent the disparate culture in the society. As an adolescent a kid experiences colossal changes and fight with his/her irresolute nature. Uniform can be the foremost builder of confidence and self-respect.

For a kid, the world is full of bullies and hideous comments. And each venomous comment can destroy his personality to its extent. Uniform playing an acute mantle to engulf their self-esteem and proffer them the security they need.


UNIFORM DIMINISHES WORRY:                                                               

Typically kids are more worried by how they look and if they are compatible of each other or not. And socially people judge ones standard by the dress they wear. To eliminate this judgment, uniforms are the great source. Whether the kid is not so filthy, he is same among his group of friends. Uniform accelerates the sense of love and respect irrespective to the class and race.



The competition is to study harder and harder from the position holder student, not to dress prettier than the other girl present in the class. Students distract their focus from studies just to look better. The main focus is to study and hold high grades. Uniforms keep the focus straight, so the kids don’t get themselves distract for how they look and for what they should wear.



Being a parent in this era is not as easy as it seems. To run a healthy family, it takes a lot of courage and an absolute financial stability. And uniforms aid and abet parents to cut their expenses in buying new clothes and accessories for their kids.



Uniforms represent as an identity, of one unit, one cast, and one community. It gives sense to stay as a union in this diverse society.

Uniforms are a potent device for preventing racism and disproportion. There are various technique to be expressive and creative in your own space, Kids can be revealing in terms of their thoughts and words. Uniform won’t change their way of thinking but not wearing one can absolutely effect and enables the consciousness of how they look in themselves.


In a nut shell, school garbs are always applicable and functional for the kids grappling in their pre-teens and teens. Although it might sound bizarre and peculiar to wear the same cloth every day but if you foresee it in a bigger perspective uniforms are the key to emancipate anxiety and build confidence within self.





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